What is Employer Branding and why is it important?


We’ve seen a massive shift in the importance to companies of how they portray themselves to not only their customers but also their employees. Gone are the days where a good benefits package and competitive salary were all you needed to attract the right talent. The game has changed, and just as you market yourself to your potential customers, you now need to market yourself to attract the best talent.

Employer branding is a way of positioning your company in such a way as to attract candidates for employment who are already in-tune with your company ethos and operations. It’s not uncommon to assert that there is far more to job satisfaction than simply the money you take home at the end of each month. So what else are you communicating to your potential employees when you talk about yourself externally?

What is it like to work there?
Do I like the look of the staff?
Does the office look inviting?
What is the dress code?

There’s a lot running through the head of someone sizing up your business as their next employer.

Finding, interviewing, onboarding and training a new employee takes time, resources and ultimately money, it’s incredibly important that when you do this you know you’ve got the right person for the job. Good employer branding is as much about attracting the right talent as it is putting the wrong ones off. Ensure that before you get too far down the path of taking on that perfect candidate, that you have laid bare what it’s like to work for your company, so that this person doesn’t discover later down the line that they actually don’t like the company after all.

Employer branding also plays a key role in uniting your existing team, to create a more cohesive pool of in-house talent who are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Working collaboratively and holding a common goal is obviously a strong foundation on which to build a business, therefore creating content that helps to draw your team together and unite their approach is a great way to improve this stability.

Brand Calibre has been producing employer branding content for some time, and we’ve seen a marked step-change in the importance of this content to our client base. Our approach to this content is to dig deep into the culture and personalities behind each company we profile to tease out their voice and present it back to our audience in the most authentic and endearing way possible. It’s so important to us that aside from delivering key messaging for our clients content, that we really shine a light on those who are most likely to be the face any newcomer would encounter on their first day at work.

Sorry higher management, but you might just be sitting this one out.

Regardless of the things that you might say when creating a recruitment video, an onboarding video, or simply some internal communications content; there’s a huge amount of information that’s communicated to your audience in other ways than just words alone. How comfortable and relaxed your team are, how they interact with each other, their smiles and their traits that make them unapologetically human.

Welcome [them] to the team.

– Luke

Luke Yerbury