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(I, Luke Yerbury, am going to write this in first person, so we'll see how that pans out...)

It's February 2014 and I'm at Peak Scientific HQ in Inchinnan, Scotland. It's the first day of shooting their new profile film since being introduced to the company by a connection of mine Jonathan Golby (who at the time was working there as Global Sales & Marketing Director). He introduced me to Marc Findlay, who at the time was working for Peak as a Marketing Executive in their marketing department.

I know it was February 2014 because I posted a photo to my instagram:


At this stage Brand Calibre was but a seed of an idea waiting to spring into life; this project was being handled by my former company,

The project went swimmingly, from the footage we cut 4 films, the Profile Film, a Recruitment Film, a Service Film and a Product Overview Film. From the feedback I received over the years it seems that the response to this content was great.

4 years later...

The year is 2018, we've produced a host of content for peak since then (Including Precision Series, Peak Protected and i-Flow) but the original content was getting a little outdated and was in need of a refresh.

We had new contacts in the shape of Mark Flanagan and David Lai, and things had come a long way since we created the first films in 2014, not least the creation of Brand Calibre. Excitingly these would be the first films we'd create for Peak under this new banner.

Brand Calibre is different to; we're storytellers, we prioritise authenticity over seamless delivery. We build real connection off-screen to allow us to demonstrate that connection on-screen. Gone are the days of pre-scripted dialogue and hitting key messaging. We explore each story as it happens, then thread together what we capture to create a narrative that is true to our clients offering. As my colleague Steven put it: Conversations, not interviews.

Let's begin...

We started the journey of how we were going to connect Peak with it's customers on a new and more intrinsic manner. We wanted to find out why the team at Peak do what they do, to understand what they were working towards and the impact this had on the world. This was shared with their audience, therefore it was important we showed their audience that Peak understands what really matters to them.

We created this:


Through this exploratory filmmaking process however, it provided the perfect opportunity to shine a light on Peak as an employer. To understand what type of person fits with their culture is crucial to streamlining and maintaining a cohesive workforce. This would come in the form of honest, authentic dialogue from their team explaining what life is like as part of the Peak family.

It was a pleasure to speak to these individuals about their work and to uncover the things that give them real job satisfaction. From the manufacturing floor, to the guys out in the field building relationships with their customers. Each member of the team found reward in different areas, but they all had one thing in common: a fondness with which they spoke about Peak:


So the project was complete. David was more than just a creative lead on the project; providing us with footage captured himself from the more far-flung locations of their global offices. It opened up the film and gave it the global feel it deserved, with team BC taking the helm with all things UK.

How were we going to show off this work in a typically "BC" way?

By shooting a Being Candid of course.

Here it is:

You’ve all heard the fun fact; ‘In the city you’re never more than 10 feet away from a rat’? Well, Luke is never more than 5 feet away from cake. Fact

You’ve all heard the fun fact; ‘In the city you’re never more than 10 feet away from a rat’? Well, Luke is never more than 5 feet away from cake. Fact

Luke Yerbury