Marketing a marketing agency


In the last 12 months we’ve taken a lot of time out to consider how we position ourselves in the market and we’ve developed a marketing strategy for Brand Calibre that is designed to streamline our sales process and create a more authentic and engaging brand for our customers to connect with.

Often Marketing activities are simply seen as a way to increase sales and gain more exposure within your given market, granted this is in part true, but this simplistic understanding omits some key aspects of marketing that can act as the building blocks on which to construct your strategy.

That sounds visionary and full of buzzwords, so let me explain:

A definition of marketing can be:

“… the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”.

[Definition by The Chartered Institute of Marketing]

To put this into context, I’ll talk about Brand Calibre; We did a great deal of research around what makes our customers buy from us:

  • Our customers had a requirement to communicate something to an audience.

  • Our customers needed to like our team, feel we understood them and were very much on the same page in terms of personality, approach and ethos.

  • Our customers looked for the passion we brought to telling their stories and exploring their businesses to craft something truly engaging for them.

  • Our customers wanted experience but also candid honesty.

This list has become a key reference point for all of our marketing activities now, and forms a large part of our overall marketing strategy. We apply this understanding to all of our communications, and make sure that the tone and style of everything we create addresses these observations. After all, we know this is why our customers buy from us.


So what did we do?

  • We overhauled our website and we’ve pulled our team right to the front so that our potential customers can meet us right from the beginning. We’ve told the story of what it’s like working with us in a way that is unique to us, and conveys a little bit of our personalities in every section.

  • We’ve created a project portfolio series called ‘Being Candid’ that allows us to talk about the experiences behind our projects, explain how we created this content and show examples of the work we produced.

  • We launched an instagram account that we regularly update with photos and stories to give a ‘behind the scenes’ feel to our output, allowing potential clients to see what it’s like working with us and meet some of the faces and personalities behind our brand.

We’ve only just begun, but we believe that in order to stand out from the crowd you need to make bold decisions and commit to them. You can’t truly be different if you’re just like everyone else in your industry, so we want to practice what we preach. We may not be for everyone, but for a strange few, we seem to be a good fit.

– Luke

Luke Yerbury